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Happy Holidays Friends!!

Today I'm sharing these free downloadable tags as my gift to you. 

I have always had an affection for the the Laurel Wreath. As a girl, living in Europe, I remember seeing them in architecture and art in an abundance. However intricate the piece, my eyes were always drawn to the beautiful shape of a Laurel. The soft organic-ness has always mezmorizes me. 

Durning this past Summer I did some sketchings with no intentions for their use. I put my pencil to paper without a thought in my mind as to what I would draw. I let my heart lead my fingertips. It's no surprise that my favorite one is this Laurel wreath. 

This year I thought I'd use it to create these Holiday gift tags as a thank you for all of the encouragement, support, and love this community brings into my life. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my soul and my work with you, I hope it was an inspiring year and that you love these tags as much as I do!

To download and print your own just scroll to the bottom of this post, and follow the link to find the PDF. 

Holiday Gift Tags (Free Printables)

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